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Hello there, Now You Can Now Use Almost All Useful Hacking Tools, Text on Your Android Phone termux commands list

There are many apps and hacking tools available on Android phones, so we can install Kali Linux on them, but it will take time and effort.

Want to read Termux on robbery? First, understand what Termux is and then follow the installation process using Termux and the full Termux command.
In this article, I will give you detailed information and everything you need to know about Termux. So let’s get started.

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What is Termux?

Termux is a Powerful Android app Designed to install Linux packages on your Android phone.

Termux is a terminal emulator for Android and Linux site running on Android without the need for rooting or configuration. APT package manager can be used to install additional applications / packages.

You can install shell, python, c, c++, perl, ruby, java, and many other useful packages with this Termux app, and we can use various roaming tools / scripts on our mobile phones with Termux, such as –Nmap, Hydra, and Sqlmap.

If you want to use only the tools you need, read this article in its entirety to learn how to use the Termux app and how to use simple termux commands to install hijacking tools on your Android phone.

What makes Termux different from other terminal emulators is that it is configured in such a way that the Termux site is similar to the Debian standard Linux site.

Because the Android environment is different from the Linux environment in general so in Thermx we can install the most commonly used packages / applications on Linux. termux commands list

With natural features and changes such as those listed above, Termux stands out because it allows you to install Penetration Test Tools (pencil test tools) / hacking software like Metasploit and NetHunter on your Android phone.
Termux also comes with a package manager (APT) that makes it easy to find and install the packages you need in the Termux software repository.

(APT) which makes it easy to find and install the packages you need in the Termux software environment.


How does this work

The terminal emulator is software that uses a system call manager to run a command line program and redirect standard input, output, and error streams to the display.

Many of the deadliest Android OS apps work with a small set of resources that are often provided by the app or other root removal tools like Magisk. We decided to take things a step further and send the standard software available on GNU / Linux PCs to the Android OS.

Termux is not a visual machine, nor is it a simulated or simulated location of any kind. All of the provided packages are bundled differently using the Android NDK and just need compatibility updates to work on Android. Because Termux does not have full access to operating system files, it cannot load package files into standard folders such as / bin, / etc, / usr, or / var. Instead, all files are encrypted, which can be found in

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It’s up to you !!
Yes !! You can use it as needed. Can be used,

  • Programming in a development environment
  • Hacking
  • Web development
  • Learning the basics of Linux CLI (command line interface)
  • Manage and edit files with nano, vim, and emacs
  • Develop C with clang
  • Check out and install git projects, and text-based games

Okay, Guys Without wasting your precious time I will present the Termux Commands list in a simple and concise manner, I was scheduled to build a Termux Command list pdf, due to lack of time, I am sending orders directly to this post.

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What is Termux Commands?

In simple terms, Termux Commands are terminal instructions, which are performed to perform a specific task. These commands are similar to Linux Commands. termux commands list


Termux Command List

More Termux Trick Instructions – Android Phone Robbery – All Temux Trick Commands Basic Termux to Advanced Tips – Android Trick Commands. termux commands list

cp -vused to prints informative massage
cp -rused to copy any directory
mv -uupdate-move when source is newer than destination
mv -vto move any directory
ls -nto display UID and GID directory
ls –versionto check the version of ls command
cd —show last working directory from where we moved
ls -lshow file action like – modified, date and time, owner of file, permissions Etc.

ls helpshow display how to use “ls” command
cp -nno file overwrite
cd ~move to users home directory from anywhere
mv [file1 name] [new file2 name]move or rename two file at a time
cd –move one directory back from current location
mv [file name]move any file and folder
lslist directory
ls -alist all files including hidden files
pwdit show your current working directory
mv -iinteractive prompt before overwrit
wget [url]install tool , apt install wget
git clone [url]install any tools with git clone, apt install git
ls -alformatted listing with hidden files
mv -fforce move by overwriting destination files without prompt
ls -iDisplay number of file or directory
cpcopy any file
cd /change to root directory
cdchange directory
cd ..change current directory to parent directory
curl -O [url]apt install curl
rmremove or delete files
rm [filename]remove any text files
rmdir [dir name]remove any directory
rm -rfforce remove a directory or a folder
rm -r [name]delete a directory called name
apt remove [package name]uninstall / remove a package
touch [file name]create new file
mkdir [name]create a directory or folder
more [file name]output the contents of file
head [file name]output the first 10 line of file
tail -f [file name]output the contents of file as it grows
apt install zipinstall zip file tool
zip name.zip [file]compress file using this commands
unzip [zip file]to unzip file
ftplaunch ftp client from terminal
-puse passive mode
byeterminate current ftp session, exit
asciiset file transfer to ascii protocols
bellbell sound after each command
statusshows current status about ftp server
open hostopen a connection to remote host
remotehelp [cmdname]request help from ftp server
account [password]supply a password required by remote
uname -mused to find the architecture of your device
dudisplay directory space usage
dfdisplay disk usages

calshow display calendar
wshow display who is currently online
cat /proc/meminfoshow memory related information
cat /proc/cpuinfoshow cpu information
whoamishow your login name
fingure usernameshows information about user
dateshow the current date and time
uptimeshow the system current uptime
man commandshow manual a command
freedisplay memory and swap usage
killsend signal to process
kill- llist all of the signal that are possible to send with kill
lspcishow PCI devices
lsusbshow usb devices
apt search [qurey] pkg search [qurey]find a package
locate [file]find all files with filename
locate [query]find all path names contains a pharse
whereis [command]find location binary /source/man file for a command
which [command]find of an executable
grep pattern [files]searching for pattern in files
grep -r pattern filessearching for certain pattern in files
command | grep patternsearch for pattern in the output of command
find / -atime40to find all the files, which are accessed 40 days back
find / -cmin -60flnd change files in last 1 hour
find / -type d -name mllall directories whose name is mll in directory
find . -type f -perm 0777 -printf|nd all tghe files, whose permission are 777
ifconfigshows all configuration a network interface like ip, mac
ifconfig eth0used view the network setting on the interface eth0
ifconfig wlan0view the network setting on wlan0
ping [host]to ping host ip and show results
arpcheck network card & show ip adress
hostdisplay specific server
netstatreview network connection
nslookupfind out DNS related query
tracerout ipadressdisplay number of hops & respone time to get to a remote system and website

whois domainget whois information of domain
telnet [ip address [post]telnet connection
dig domainget DNS information of domain
scpcopies file, over a source
uname -aused to display kernal information
whereis appshows possible location for an app
nano [file name]display and edit text files
apt showview package information
append [local-file] remote fileappend a local file to one on the remote
$execute a macro

That’s all you will be able to use sqlmap on your Mobile (termux commands list)

We presented the data collection tools and vulnerabilities and told you How to Install Them in Termux

You can install and use hacking tools written in php, python or any other programming language.

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Access and manage files in termux

To manage and access files in termux you must type the command below


Access cd cursor command is used
The default termux directory is available at /data/data/com.termux/
You can access it at any time by typing cd $HOME

ls Command is used to see a list of sub directories

To access your internal sdcard using the you must type cd /sdcard && ls

To remove / delete an empty Directory or file, use this command: rm -rf {filename}
Where the file name belongs to the filename or directory
Similarly, you can use rm -rf [filename]

Creating Directory & Folder Command mkdir is used
Ex: mkdir Hello
When Hello Is Part Of The Directory Folder Name

To Copy files from one document to another, cp Command is used
EX: cp pass.txt /sdcard/Download
Similarly to moving files mv Command files is used

Termux also Supports zipping and opening Zip files
For that zip, unzip Commands are used

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How To Install Package in Termux


After Downloading and Open Termux App

Now Type this command upgrade software & upgrade system

And hit Enter

You Need git, wget, php, curl, python install Termux so type below command :

pkg install git  pkg install wget  pkg install curl  pkg install php  pkg install python  

During installation you will be asked: termux will use some space on your device just type y with Yes.

Nmap is a tool for data collection and scanning risk, to insert a nmap in the termux type below command

pkg install nmap  

After that it will take a few minutes to install after installing you can use nmap in termux by typing nmap in termux


Conclusion :

Termux is a simple application that allows you to access the Linux shell on your Android device. It is not just a scam; may also be used for other purposes depending on the user’s computer knowledge.
It is true that hacking activities can be flexible with Termux; previously, hacking was required to bring a portable computer with Linux installed; now, you can hack using an Android smartphone with Termux installed.
Because Android is actually a Linux version, you can use the Termux program to access the Android Linux shell as if you were using a Linux portable computer.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. I’m currently working on Cyber Ethical Hacking. I’m currently learning more about Hacking, Web Design, Android ROM, Mod Hacking App
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