How to Android Phone hijack for Prank you Friend

Hello Guys, Today I will share a way, where you can hijack and smash your friend’s Mobile phone, by sending the standard Android App. That will crash your friend’s Mobile phone, as soon as he opens the App, given below. There are many ways to make fun of your friends, and to do tricks like your friends. You can just make your friends crazy, by sending an APK, which will crash their Hijack Mobile instantly.

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This guide works for most Android. I have tested this on many devices, and this Prank strategy works well so far. With the help of this app, you can make fun of your friends or anyone. You just have to share this app with your friends. when they open this app, their Phone will start to Automatically hang, and in some cases, if your friends are using a low-end device, with 512 rams or less, their phone will shut down, and they need to recharge the Phone. . So check out more about this Guide from below.
Prank Your Friends By Crashing Their Cell Phone By Posting A Simple App

What is a Browser hijacker? 

Browser Hijacker is a type of malware program that changes your web browser settings, controls your browsing experience, and exposes you to criminals you have never ordered. With a hijacked mobile browser, cyber criminals can take you to suspicious websites or attack you with tons of unwanted ads. If left unchecked, browser hijackings can escalate from annoyance to dangerous very quickly. If you inadvertently tap into one of those annoying ads, you run the risk of downloading an unsafe computer program to your Android device, adding insults to the damage or, in other words, ransomware to a hijacked browser.

How this Works Hijack Android

In this application, they have added Loop, Due to that loop, This script has no end, so it will continue to work. And if script execution continues, it causes Android Devices to hang, and sometimes devices can also hang. So this is the Main Mind, we have used in this Guide, and you will be able to play with your friends by smashing their browser easily. So you should check it once, by hijacking and hacking anyone’s cell phone with just a simple app.

Warnings – This guide is for entertainment purposes only, abusing this Virus app can cause you problems. So Try It With Your Only Risk.

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Start hijack Android Phone :

Step 1 :- First of all, I am one of your Android apps, Android apps, you can call it a virus, but it will not harm anyone.


Step 2 :- Although there is a download link for the virus, the link has been blocked to prevent and real the virus. It is encode to download the virus by decode it.

Download Virus (V1) Download Virus (V2)


Step 3 :- Then you need to install this Android App on the phone of your victim and any of your friends. No one will recognize the virus because the Virus App logo is on a change VPN logo and the name has been changed.


Step 4 :- Once installed, you only need to open it once. If you open it, your friend will be scared and there will be a dangerous sound and the phone will be locked. A dangerous picture will be shown him. No switch will work.


Step 5 :- How did the virus stop? I made it then. I didn’t think so. If you switch off and re-start your Android phone, the virus will stop


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So, Guys, this was from one of the easiest ways to crash your friend’s browser, by posting a Simple Link. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. With this link, your friend will think you are a very Techy person. I also share some cool stuff


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. I’m currently working on Cyber Ethical Hacking. I’m currently learning more about Hacking, Web Design, Android ROM, Mod Hacking App
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