Cloud Linux Remote Desktop RDP Lifetime Free for Google Cloud Console

What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol, or standard, technology for remote desktop use. Remote desktop software can use several different protocols, including RDP, Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), and virtual network computing (VNC), but RDP is the most widely used protocol. The RDP was originally released by Microsoft and is available for Windows operating systems, but may also be used with Mac applications.

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How does the RDP Work?

The RDP Protocol opens up a dedicated network channel for sending data back and forth between connected devices (remote desktop and current computer). It always uses 3389 network port for this purpose. RDP also encrypts all data so that public internet connection is more secure.

Cloud Linux RDP – OnlineHacKing

Free Cloud Linux Desktop RDP

Remote Desktop



  • Android Browser
  • Windeos Browser
  • Kali Linux Browser
  • Parrot OS Browser
  • Ubuntu Browser
  • Arch Linux Browser
  • MAC Browser
  • All Systems Browser


  • Fast internet
  • Chrome Remote Desktop App (Android)
  • Kay


  • [+] Super Fast Internet 800MB > 2.5GB !
  • [+] Free Linux Storage !
  • [+] 3GB RAM !
  • [+] 2 Core GPU !
  • [+] Free Life Time !

Video :-

In this video, I will show How to Install Chack Cloud Linux OS RDP Desktop


Open Google Cloud Platform Terminal :-

Click This Button and Open :-



Step 1 :- This command will automatically update the repositories, this will include the type of system update command line with the front GUI in the Google Cloud Terminal. The big problem with using this command is that you can’t get the latest version,

sudo apt-get update -y 

Step2:- After updating Terminal Install a specific basic package in your Cloud Terminal

sudo apt install git wget -y 

Step 3:- Now all the dependencies are installed in your we can now install the Cloud Remote Desktop tool in the Google Cloud Terminal using the command given below. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

git clone https://github.com/OnlineHacKing/Cloud_Linux_RDP.git 


Step_4 :- Now open the Cloud Linux RDP directory, If you do not know the basic terms of the Terminal it is highly recommended

cd Cloud_Linux_RDP 


Step 5 :- Apply the command Make Permission All files readable, compact, and efficient.

chmod +x * 

Step_6 :- Type the command below to use Cloud Remote Desktop. If the command above does not work, try the command below ./Linux .

bash Linux 

1.  Then You will be Given a Video on How to Setup Cloud RDP. Watch the Full Video and Video Watching Complete Click on Y.

2.  Then you need a license Key to use in Cloud RDP. Click on the shot link And verify your not a robot. Open licence generate page. Enter your Name and Gmail. Click license Generator and wait check your Gmail, Google Cloud Console. Bypass the license fee payment and Add license you Google Close Console Account. cloud service add to your Gmail account.

Generator License Key Generator Link:– https://tinyurl.com/Cloud-RDP-Key

3.  Then there are two options. The first is Debian Linux and the second is Ubuntu os. Enter the number of the Linux you want to use in Linux os

1.  Debian Linux :

1. Fast Open & Start Cloud Remote Desktop Tool Server

2. Open This Link :- https://remotedesktop.google.com/headless

3.  Click Begin Button, Click Before Button , Click Authorize Button

4. Copy “Debian Linux” Code and Paste on Terminal/Shell Google Console

5. Create PIN for The Remote Computer Connect

6. Open Link : https://remotedesktop.google.com/access

7 .  Connect Your Online VNC Server and Enter PIN to Continue

8 . Enjoy 😊😀

2. Ubuntu OS :

Docker Ubuntu is a Docker image to provide web VNC interface to access Ubuntu LXDE/LxQT desktop environment. Run the Ubuntu container and access with port 8080

Start Cloud Remote Desktop Server

Cloud RDP will load in 10 seconds.

And Click this Link : – http://localhost:8080

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Generate Dockerfile from jinja template

Dockerfile and configuration can be generated by template.

  • arch: one of amd64 or armhf
  • flavor: refer to file in flavor/flavor.yml
  • image: base image
  • desktop: desktop environment which is set in flavor
  • addon_package: Debian package to be installed which is set in flavor

Dockerfile and configuration are re-generate if they do not exist. Or you may force to re-generate by removing them with the command make clean.


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4 months ago

After installing how to I launch the tool any time

27 days ago

how to save the program, I mean I have to do it from starting everytime I close the browser how to save this to my account such that after login I can easily open the ubuntu

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