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How to Crack ZIP File Passwords – Multiple Ways Tool

How to Crack Zip File Password - Zip Password Recovery - 2022

Hello Hacker, in this tutorial we will show you how to crack passwords of any zip file in just a few seconds. In this tutorial we will use more than one software or tools to recover a forgotten ZIP password. We know that password removal in encrypted zip file can be easy or difficult depending on the complexity of the password but this type of tool uses a dictionary file to crack passwords.

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Table of Tools :

      • John the Ripper
      • Fcrackzip
      • Zydra
      • 7zip-Crack
    • ZIP-Password-Brute Force

Requirements :

  • Kali Linux ( Any Linux )
  • Termux Kali Linux


Video Demo



Protect ZIP File (add password zip file)

Protect ZIP File
Now first we will protect our zip file with any random thread using the following command.
Usage 🙂 zip –password < password > < zip file name > < your files >

zip --password suman@# suman.txt


John the Ripper

Install Dependencies
We know that the tool comes pre-installed in the working kali linux but we have to include everything that depends on launching any tool which is why we have provided all the instructions with the help of which you can install all the dependencies and tools.

apt install zip && apt install unzip && apt install john



Zip2john created hashes of any zip file after john was able to crack it. By using the following command we can save the output in txt file format.

zip2john > zip.hashes

We have successfully detected a hash that you can see at the command of the cat.

cat zip.hashes


After finding the hashes we will use john the ripper tool which will use his default dictionary to break the hashes.
Use 🙂 john <hash file>

john zip.hashes


It will try a lot of passwords to split the hash and if it finds the key successfully it will return the result to you.



Install Dependencies
Fcrackzip is a tool that can be used to decrypt zip files and decrypt them. The brute-force method is used in this tool. Fcrackzip can be installed in a few basic steps:

apt install fcrackzip
fcrackzip --help


Now let’s try to crack the password-protected zip file with this tool using the following command.
Use 🙂 fcrackzip -D -p <password list> -u <zip file>

  • -D = Dictionary
  • -p = password list
  • -u = exclude wrong password
fcrackzip -D -p /usr/share/john/password.lst -u


Now first we have to download this whole tool using the git command from github. After the download is complete we will go to the tool guide and issue a command “bash” to find the dependency of this tool.

git clone
cd Zydra/


Password Crack With Dictionary Attack
This gives us two options, a dictionary and a cruel power. First we choose the dictatorial attack and as you can see we have our own list of words to crack the zip file password specified in the command. After providing the location of the zip file and list of names, it successfully retrieves the valid zip file password.

Usage !! python3 -f <zip file> -d <wordlist>

python3 -f -d /root/Desktop/password.lst


Password Crack with Bruteforce Attack
We have created a zip-protected zip file with the help of the previous command and now we have to split the password for this zip file. You need to understand how to use the command below. For this we will take the help of malicious coercion and use the following command to crack the password.

Usage 🙂 !! python3 -f < zip file > -b < digits, letters etc > -m < minimum > -x < maximum >

python3 -f -b digits -m 1 -x 3



Install Dependencies
7zip-Crack is an open source tool listed on the github page. Also Uses a dictionary to find the correct key for a password-protected zip file but in this tool we have to add our custom word list. We need to set up this tool using the following command.

git clone && cd 7zip-crack && apt install figlet
chmod +x * && ./7zip-crack


As you can see above we can easily use this tool and similarly we can break the zip file password by using the following command.

./7zip-crack <zip file> <wordlist>


ZIP-Password-Brute Force

Install Dependencies
The ZIP-Password-Brute Force tool is an open source tool available for both Windows and Linux. First we need to set up this tool using the following command.

git clone
cd ZIP-Password-BruteForcer

As you can see below, this tool takes a few seconds to break a password-protected zip file.



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