Hack Front Camera from Target Phone Using Termux & Linux

Hello Guys, in this post you will learn how to hack front camera by sending a link, This is a simple trick that can be used by any level of hacker. To hack the Front camera of the victim you will need to install the tool from the GitHub repository. The tool we use Camhack using this tool will be able to Generate a Link and use that link to get an image on the victim’s front camera.

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What is Camera Hack?

CamHack is a photography tool that will allow you to take pictures on the victim’s phone and store them within your termux. using this tool you can get a face snap of anyone by simply sending them a phishing link to steal sensitive information. The tool can help in situations where you want to know who you are.

The special thing about this tool is that it will give you the option to install any website you want and that website will be displaying as a crime scam to steal sensitive information. This makes the process look a little darker, and you can even trick other scammers in this way.

NOTE: This post is for educational purposes only. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you make any kind of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS WILL ONLY SUPPORT Moral Violence.

How to Work This Tool?

  1. Create a Link using the Madcam tool.
  2. Send the link generated by the tool to the victim.
  3. When the victim clicks the link you will get pictures from his camera to your phone.
  4. After that, you can view the image directly or you can move it to your internal storage.


[+] Features >

  • Two port forwarding options (NGROK or Cloudflare)
  • Live target image.
  • Easy to use
  • Gives anonymity
  • It gives you Responsive Website.
  • Three Templates
  • Get IP, Location, Device type, and Browser
  • Dual Tunneling (Ngrok and Cloudflare)
  • Choose where to save images(custom directory)
  • Error Diagnoser


Video >>


Installation Termux & Linux


Step 1:- Update and upgrade the termux To avoid errors while installing the camera hack tool.

 apt update -y && apt upgrade -y 


Step 2:- Enter the dependencies in this tool. This will add php wget curland git to the termux & Linux that will be used while using CamHack. Once you have this you can remove the name from the command while installing.

 apt install git wget php curl -y


Step 3:- Now all the dependencies have been installed on your termux & Linux and we can now install the CamHck tool on the termux & Linux using the command given below. Just copy & paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

 git clone 


Step 4:- Now Convert your open source list into CamHack, If you do not know the termux keywords then highly recommended

 cd CameraHack 


Step 5:- Apply the command Make Permission All files readable, compact, and efficient. Now the only thing we need to do before using the tool is to make the CamHack file work. so we will use the command below.

 chmod +x *


Step 6:- Type the command below to Setup Camera Hack Tool

 bash setup


Step 7:- Type the Command Below to Run Camera Hack Tool

 bash CamHack

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How to Use CamHack Tool


Step-1 : Now the most important thing !!!!!! Please open your hotspot. !!!!!!!.
Want to give the Ngrok link – add the ngrok token (Now go to and create an account there .Now you need to set the author token in ngrook to set up. Just go to the ngrok account and here you will see the token for the auth just copy and paste it into termux and hit the log in it will prepare it successfully.)
Enter to skip token.

If this is your first time using this Tool, It will install Ngrok In Termux. This process can take up to 1 minute if you have slow internet.

Step-2 : Once you have used the command above in your terminal you can now see this below for three options. Next You Want to Select a Phishing Option Theft Information Option. Type Phishing Page Number

Open Your Mobile Data And Hotspot All Links To Comaing Working


Step-3 : Now you will find the link, just send this link to Victim and wait, when the victim will click this link, you will see the victim’s IP Address and get more image files in your termux app. To be taken from the victim’s front camera. You will get more than 1 image if the victim stays on the page for too long ( CTRL + C stop Command )

Step-4 : All images save Internal storage. Automatic save all Image Your Device Chack You Devices sdcard/Pictures Folder and view all Photos


Step-5 : Now Open your Internal Storage sdcard/Pictures Folder and you will be able to see the image file on your internal storage.


⚠ Warning :

This tool is for educational purposes only. If you use this tool for purposes other than education we will not be liable in such circumstances.

This information is intended only for educationla and we are not responsible for any illegal activity performed by this tool


This tool is developed for educational purposes. Here it demonstrates how camera phishing works. If anybody wants to gain unauthorized access to someones camera, he/she may try out this at his/her own risk. You have your own responsibilities and you are liable to any damage or violation of laws by this tool. The author is not responsible for any misuse of CameraHack!

Camera Hack Illegal You can use these tools to Protect others from spam and if someone spam on your family or friends or phshing you can use this method to get a picture of that spam and then continue to use that image to identify that person. . This method can be very useful and easy to use so it will help you gain some confidence and hacking. If something does not work please report it and I will fix it immediately.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. I’m currently working on Cyber Ethical Hacking. I’m currently learning more about Hacking, Web Design, Android ROM, Mod Hacking App
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