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Hide Secret Encrypt Message On Hacked by Hacker

Hide Secret Message – You are currently using Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook or other apps to share a Secret Message with your friends or family. When you share certain secrets with your friends or family members then they may be hacked or hacked by a hacker or a third party. Sometimes you share such things with someone you do not want anyone to find. If you want to keep those things secret every time, you can use a different method.

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Just as a criminal erases his testimony, you can keep your identity secret. Today we will tell you how to create your own Hide Secret Message. You can talk privately with your friends or with your group. No one can steal your privacy from this, and there will be no record of you. So read this article and follow the procedure.


How to hide messages in messages, Use Zero Spread Characters to Hide Private Text Messages. Zero-wide characters are non-printable characters that can be displayed by most applications. resulting in the term “zero-width.” Unicode characters, usually used for marking possible line breaks or merging / separating characters in writing systems that use ligatures. Since it is not visible everyone can use it to share i. a Hide Secret Message or information within an empty text.

Can you believe me? I left a secret message in the first sentence. Read this post to find out how it is possible.

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How does it work?

  • Use TextEncoder to the secret message from String to Uint8Array, which is an array of 8-bit unsigned integers.
  • Convert each number to 8 bits, then convert each bit into zero-width letters::
    • Bit value 0 is encoded as Zero-width space (U+200B)
    • Bit value 1 is encoded as Zero-width non-joiner (U+200C)
  • Hide the coded unit during the carrier message message.

In addition, two other letters of the zero width are used to mark the beginning and end of the character unit with the code:

  • Left-To-Right Mark (U+200E) marks the beginning
  • Right-To-Left Mark (U+200F) marks the end

This makes it easier to find the location of the character code encoded when you decrypt it.

Hide Secret Message Tool :


Step 1 :  You do not need to install any applications or software on your device. You can do it through online websites tool. Now simply open the Hide Secret Message website. Here You can secret message with your friends or Team anonymously.

Link :


Hide Message


Step 2 : On this website you do not need to be verified, so now just type your secret message and copy your Hide encode message and you send a friends or Team anonymously.

Step 3 : You can now set Secret message open this web tool this link. Now you click Hide Message Button and typr your secret message & click Hide secret message! Button. chack Resuit & view your carrier message.

Step 4 : You can now see the Secret message open this web tool this link. Now you click Reveal Message Button and paste your secret message & click Reveal secret message! Button this page and chack & view your hide secret message.

Available zero-width characters

Zero-width spaceU+200B
Zero-width non-joinerU+200C
Zero-width joinerU+200D
Left-To-Right MarkU+200E
Right-To-Left MarkU+200F
Left-To-Right EmbeddingU+202A
Right-To-Left EmbeddingU+202B
Word joinerU+2060
Zero-width no-break spaceU+FEFF

It may be a lot, but nine is more than enough. In theory, only two different letters of zero width are enough to enter any type of data. Although binary representation is usually large, we can use all the letters of the zero width to effectively reduce the length of the coded data.

Fingerprints :

The letters with a zero width can be used for fingerprint text. For example, someone in your group is leaking confidential information but you do not know who it is. Just send each member a separate text with their names written on it. Wait for it to leak, then take out the word, do whatever you like with them.

Unlike other methods of steganography (such as the use of sounds in pictures, videos, sound as a container), the letters with a zero width are not removed when the text is formatted, copied, pasted. It is really difficult to find them without special tools, as most text editors do not provide them. In addition, we are not limited to the amount of data that can be coded. However, editors calculate letters with a zero width, so coding a lot of data within a short text makes it even more suspicious.


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Conclusion – So here’s a better way to keep your conversations hide message. You can create your own script message server but here’s an easy and quick way to chat privately. I hope you enjoy the article on how to Hide Secret Message. If you find this article useful for you then share it with your team. Comment on your experience with these online hide message services.


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