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Create & Host Your Own Dark Web Onion Website on Termux & Linux

What is the origin of the onion?

Onion domain is an IP add-on used only by the anonymous Tor browser. This means that standard browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox will not have access to sites using the onion domain as they may not be able to navigate to the streaming servers created by Tor.

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There are thousands of different domains available, but not all of them are accessible to everyone who wants to use them. The .apple domain is another domain that needs a special request to get it. There are usually costs associated with registering and maintaining the domain of your choice. So anyone who wants to get a specific domain will need a small amount of money to get it once their submission is approved.

Given that Tor is not considered the most popular browser, it is likely that a website that uses onion backgrounds will not see much in the way of organic traffic. However, people with security knowledge and experience will enjoy the many anonymous layers provided by Tor that are not available to the most popular browsers.


Why Create an Onion Site?

If you choose to create an onion site, you are doing more to make it anonymous than anything else. So we should not be too surprised when a domain name is made for you automatically. You will find a random character unit of lowercase letters with 16 numbers from 2 to 7. This series is what will allow the Tor browser browser to navigate to your server.

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Understand that domain name can be changed, but at a cost. Any useless domains you intend to create, with a very significant name or two, will be statistically expensive and require a lot of resources. Facebook needed only 8 characters to create an onion domain of our choice – facebookcorewwwi.onion – but at a higher cost to computer services. Accessing the exact 16 characters you want as a domain name can take one computer, random data, over a billion years.

Yes, 16 characters are all of these random strings that can be produced. No more, nothing less. This often leads to difficulty remembering the character unit, making it even harder for users to memorize your website. It can also make it easier for malicious users to create the same but different domain which leads to further confusion for your potential visitors.

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However, not having to register with ICANN just to create your own domain may seem like a benefit. There is no need to hide your information in the “whois” search, and your ICANN account will not be vulnerable to malicious hijacking. You are in complete control of your privacy and your domain as an onion user.

Creating a Web Server With Tor

You will need to configure your existing web server before allowing Tor onion service to provide you with your existing onion website. No excessive use of powerful anonymity provided by Tor if your server leaks personal data or data.

Tor suggests binding your server to localhost. This is great for protecting your real IP address, because when you set up your onion resources later, you’ll be able to create a visible port for visitors to connect with.

You will also want to scrub your server with any identifiable information that may return it to you. This means deleting any reference of your server information from any error messages that can be sent to visitors.



We have learned how the Tor network works and how it is used in our Tor article. As we know black websites use onion to expand their domain. Here comes the question of whether we can build our website on the Black Web using our Kali Linux program? The answer is a resounding yes. No port transfer, no cost to purchase domain names.
By following our detailed guide we can host our website or the entire web system on a deep web with an onion extension extension in 5 minutes. We have used our favorite Kali Linux program in this article but any Debian based Linux distro (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Parrotos, ElementaryOS) will work.


Setup Linux 


Install & Setup Configure Tor create dark web


Step 1 :- First of all we just install and configure the Tor app on our Kali Linux. To do that we use the command in our Kali Linux Terminal. Tor will be added to our system after providing our root password. The following command.

 sudo apt-get install tor -y 


Step 2 :- After that, we need to configure the torrc file found in /etc/tor/torrc . So we apply the following command:

 sudo mousepad /etc/tor/torrc 

The following screenshot:


After that, we need to find these two lines (highlighted in the screenshot above) and delete the # on both lines and save the file (unnoticed). After doing this it will look like this:


We now save this file using CTRL + S, and close this file after saving. Then restart the Tor service using the following command:


Step 3 :- Not you restart tor service restart using the following command:

 sudo service tor restart


Host Website & Connecting Tor Service create dark web


1 :- We are now creating a web page on our desktop called index.html or index.php. We do this by applying this command

 cd Desktop && touch index.html


2 :- Then we edit a web page file and write a simple demo website. We open the HTML / PHP file in the mousepad or any other text editor.

 mousepad index.html

Here is a place for demo, which is why it is so simple. We can handle large web applications. Then save CTRL + S and close this file.

3 :- This file is in our Desktop, so we start a php location server based on our Desktop using this command:

 php -S

Now the php development server will be starting as we see. We are now looking at our hosted localhost website, by navigating at 80 from our browser.

You can also use port 80 , but will need root permission php server. We can also use a PHP server. Your local web server to host a local website.

4 :- Then leave this terminal window as it is (using localhost server). Then open another terminal and type the command to the new terminal.

.onion link is generated randomly. To see our black demon website .onion we open another terminal window (third terminal, because we cannot close or use those terminals, otherwise the connection will be lost.) And then type the command to see our Dark Web address:

 sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

We can now access the .ion website via Tor browser anywhere on any device. Learn more about Tor and Tor Browser


Setup Termux


1 :- This step is especially important if you do not want to make mistakes while using the tool. This will add the git to the termux that will be used while using the HostDarkWeb tool. Once you have this you can remove the name from the command while installing.

 apt install git


2 :- Now all dependencies are installed in your termux and we can now install the HostDarkWeb tool in the termux using the command given below. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

 git clone 


3 :- Now Convert your open source to HostDarkWeb, If you do not know the basic terms of termux then it is highly recommended

cd HostDarkWeb


4 :- Apply the command Make Permission All files readable, compact, and efficient.

 chmod +x *


5 :- Type the command below to Set up and use the HostDarkWeb tool and Create a Dark Website

 bash HostOnion 

We can now access the Copy .onion Link website via Tor browser anywhere on any device. Learn more about Tor and Tor Browser

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This is a demo website for educational purposes, but we can host any type of website on the deep illegal web. But we should not misuse this to host illegal websites that violate our organizational rules. That would be a crime and we would not have to deal with that.



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