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How to Find Out Someone’s IP Address from Telegram

find ip address – How often do you use a telegram? Did you know that you can track someone’s IP address from a telegram application? We’ll show you the most reliable ways to get another user’s IP address.

In the telegram app, if you enable Peer to detect, it reveals your IP to someone else, and of course, another party can get your IP address. If you always select or contacts, it will be accessible; However, if you never install them, it can be difficult to track your IP address. However, it is not a guarantee. Here are some of the methods you can use to get someone’s IP address in a telegram.

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Top 3 Ways to Find Someone’s IP from Telegram


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1. Wireshark

Wireshark is an app that effectively helps a person to track IP addresses from various games, apps, video conference apps, and more. Easy to set up and use.

Step 1 :- DownIoad and install Wireshark on its official site.

Download Wireshark

Step 2 :- Run it in the interface of the interface, select Wi-Fi, and then click Start. On the Filter field type, classicstun.

Step 3 :- Open your Telegram app, and look for a specific user who wants to track their IP address. Call out a person to someone; oonce he/she picks up, the IP addresses will be displayed on the Wireshark interface. find ip

Step 4 :- Check the destination panel. The first Internet address is Telegram, the second is your WiFi connection, and the third unique IP address will belong to another user.

Step 5 :- Multiple IP addresses will be displayed. So, choose the right one. You can find a specific IP address so you know where it comes from.


2. Command Prompt (CMD)

Step 1 :- Open Telegram and look for a specific contact you want to track his or her IP address. It is better when another user is online to work well.

Step 2 :- Close All Active Applications – In the next step, you will need to close all applications except for Telegram. Don’t forget about the background apps. You can use Task Manager to see all running apps and close them. To get started, use Ctrl + Alt + Del, and don’t forget to close Task Manager after that. You need to do this because Command Prompt will show multiple IP addresses from applications you do not need.
Step 3 :- When you are ready, start a conversation with someone. Online chat is good, but video and audio chats are much better because IP always comes to your computer. Be sure to capture the user’s attention while tracking their IP.Call with someone else’s voice over the phone. If you know someone’s unique ID number, you can use it to check their IP addresses.

Step 4 :- Click Windows + R. In the command prompt, type CMD. In the command dialog window, type netstat -an  netstat -ano  . This command helps to locate all IP addresses connected to your computer. One of them will be the IP of your Telegram user.

Step 5 :- Multiple IP addresses will be displayed in the command prompt dialog, and you can view those under the telegram program.

Of course, this method will require some technical knowledge from you. If you are not a professional person, you may find this difficult. But it is very easy, so it is worth a try. If you have not been able to use Command Prompt, use another option – below.


3. Short Link (Grabify)

Not many people know this, but you can track someone’s IP in the Telegram using tracking links. They look like normal links but within them, there are cords. This code allows you to easily capture IPs. Here’s how to do it using Grabify


Step 1 :- You can upload the file to google drive or dropbox and make a short link to it. Alternatively, you can search for what the target user might be interested in and create your own short link. For example, if someone loves football, send them an invitation for this topic. TikTok or YouTube video is another great link you can post. Copy the address you selected.

Step 2 :- You can use grabify IP logger to create a short link. Allows you to access a custom link.

After copying the link, go to Grabify. On the website, find the “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” field where you will attach this link, and then click “Create URL“. Copy and don’t forget to save the tracking code for later. You will need it to get all the information about your user.


Step 3 :- Send the link to the target user you want to follow. Now, it’s time to open your Telegram chat and give the user the link you created. But make sure the user clicks it! You will only get their IP address when they click the link. Therefore, present it in a fun or engaging way. Introduce the link, but do so in a non-judgmental way. Also, if they do not click, you can politely ask them to do so or gently remind them to do so.

Step 4 :- When your user clicks the link, go back to Grabify and enter your tracking code somewhere. Find the location “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” and proceed to “Tracking Code.” Press the button and enjoy! The website will show you statistics of the person who clicked on your link. There will be an IP address, location, Internet provider, and other relevant data about them.Get an IP address so you know where the user is from.

Of course, not everyone trusts you enough to click the link provided by you. Some users are very cautious and do not follow other people’s links. If that method does not work for you, be sure to check the following. find ip address

Fine IP Location Address : find ip address

Once you have found a specific IP address using the methods above, you can use the IP address to check the IP address and locate a specific location. The website lets you know a person’s personal location, host name, Internet service provider, proxy, forum, browser browser, user agent, and other details. Therefore, you can verify the suitability of their site to protect yourself from fraud.


Conclusion :

Telegraph is the most secure app compared to any other. But you can still count the IPs of its users. First of all, websites that host links do a good job if someone trusts you enough to click the link from you. After that, if you have some technical knowledge, you can use Command Prompt. The Telegraph’s People Nearby feature can also be helpful if you want to track location. And finally, there are Telegraph tracker apps, but you need to pay to use them.


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