How to Setup ProxyChains in Linux || Fully Anonymous & Hide on Internet

ProxyChains and Tor can be used to compose multiple proxies and provide anonymity, making it difficult to track your actual IP address. As a result, ProxyChains hides your real IP address through multiple proxy servers. Keep in mind that your internet connection will slow down if you use multiple proxies.

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What are ProxyChains?

ProxyChains is a UNIX program that allows us to hide our IP address by redirecting network traffic. It delivers our TCP traffic through various proxies, including TOR, SOCKS, and HTTP.

  • TCP test tools like Nmap are compatible.
  • Allows all TCP connections to be transmitted online through a series of configurable proxies.
  • Tor network is used automatically.
  • Within the list, it is possible to combine and match different types of proxies.
  • ProxyChains can also be used to prevent firewalls, IDS, and IPS detection.


Be Anonymous Online

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the simple, fast, and effective way of anonymity online. Following this real IP address will be very difficult to find by anyone in the world, we just need to complete the article completely to get an expert opinion.

The idea is simple but powerful. We will use Tor and Proxy-chains together. First, we run Tor and run our proxy chains. By doing these services like Google TorCheck etc they will get the IP address of our hosting servers and those proxy servers also do not have our real IP address, they have the IP address of our Tor. Let’s do it. For the first time we need to configure proxy chains and we need to learn their basics.



Install Tor & Proxychains in Linux

First, you need to install Tor utilities on your Kali Linux. Tor network is the largest anonymous network in the world that operates without control in other words the Tor network is not managed by any organization.



Install & Setup Proxychains

First, update the Linux system with the latest episodes and applications. With this we open the terminal and type:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade 

To set up proxy chains, you will first need to install the proxy chains tool in Linux. Therefore, follow the instructions below, which can help you to set up proxy chains.

apt-get install proxychains 

After installing proxy-chains, you will need to install tor. Let’s install tor in your Kali Linux for that follow the below command.

apt-get install tor 



Configure ProxyChains :-

After installing the proxychains & tor service, we will now set up the proxychains for that, open your end and follow the command below.

nano /etc/proxychains.conf 

As you can see below, there are three types of proxy chains.

  • dynamic_chain
  • strict_chain
  • random_chain

We will use a flexible chain. Therefore, we need to add “#” to strict_chain and remove “#” from dynamic_chain.


In this section, remove the “#” from the dynamic_chain.



We will now write socks5 9050 on the last line of the representative list. Let’s save with Ctrl + X pass Y and Enter.


Before starting proxy chains, we will first need tor services. Therefore, open your terminal and follow the instructions below.

service tor start 
service tor status

We will now open your end and launch Firefox with proxy-chains. Follow the instructions below.

proxychains firefox 

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To verify your current location, we need to check the DNS leak test, or you can check google location. We have marked the current location below the image.

By using this method not only web filtering we can do almost all tasks. As with the following command, we can use it for Nmap scanning:

proxychains nmap -Pn 


Open proxychains All Time

proxychains bash


All of this is about the clever way of anonymity in the online world. Here we used Tor, but Tor checkers did not catch us. The Internet will have the IP of our proxy server and the proxy server will receive the IP of our Tor network. That way we can browse the Internet anonymously.


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