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How to Install Burpsuite on Linux & Android Termux Devices

  Quick Intro Burpsuite: – Burpsuite is a set of tools used to test web application login, developed by the company name PortsWigger, which is also nicknamed by founder Dafydd Stuttard.

What is Burp Suite

Burpsuite is a very popular and useful tool you can check the security of web applications, where you can find bugs in web applications, burpsuite is a proxy-based tool used to test web-based security.

Let’s include BurpSuite Community edition in our Linux programs. If you are a Web Applicant Checker, Burpsuite is one of the most important tools you can have. It allows for a lot of performance and helps you create a large number of attacks! In this module, we will learn how to install BurpSuite Community Edition on Linux!

Burp Suite Features :

You get a lot of features inside the Burpsuite. with the help of which you can find different vulnerability inside the web application. with the help of burpsuite you can find many bugs inside the web application.

Here are 8 of the best and most useful features of Burp suite tools such as topics:

  • Using the intended site map functionality
  • Crawling a web program with Burp Spider
  • Automatic scanning introduced with Burp Scanner
  • Custom automatic attack with Burp Intruder
  • Fraud and duplicate web applications with Burp Repeater
  • Random analysis of app data with Burp Sequencer
  • Recording and capturing data with Burp Decoder
  • Comparing site maps

Manage Recon Hidden Durface

Burpsuite all target data is aggregated and stored in a target site map- with filtering and annotation function, and burpsuite expose hidden surface find hidden target functionality with an advanced automatic discovery function for “invisible” content.


  • Any Linux OS / Android Termux Linux
  • Minimum Space Required = 150 MB to 350 MB
  • Java

Setup & Install Video :-

In this video, I will show Install Burpsuite on Linux & Android


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Installation Linux 

Installation  :

Step 1:- Update and upgrade to Androd / Linux OS To avoid errors while installing Burpsuite to steal sensitive information. If your Linux version does not automatically update the list of cache software after adding one, you will need to update it by typing:

 apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y 


Step 2:- Enter the dependencies in this tool. This will add Java to the Linux that will be used while using Burp suite. Once you have this you can remove the name from the command while installing.

 sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre


Step 2 :- This Command Line Install Burpsuite This Step not Working Using Official version Download Step 

 sudo apt-get install burpsuite



Step 3 :- You can download the Official Public Version on the Burp Suite download page:

On the Download page, click “Download the latest version

On the page that appears, select Linux-64 bit and click the download button. This should start the extraction process. When the download is complete, you should get the shell script downloaded to your system.

Download 1

Download 2

Step 4 :- Now Convert your open into Downloads, Folder and ls and Chack File Download Complete

 cd Downloads


Step 5:- Now, we need to install BurpSuite with the text we downloaded. First cd the directory containing the script and then make it usable with chmod

 chmod +x


Step 6:- Next, run the script with sudo rights as shown. use the installer with the help of the following command terminal:




Termux User Follow all Linux Step 

Installation Android Termux

Install Android :

Step-1 : Fast Install Kali Nethunter Linux Your Termux App Your Android Devices read this Post & Articles how to Install Linux Termux App & run free cloud linux

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Step-2 : First you have to Run Free Kali Nethunter open Termux, After that you have to login to the root of Kali Nethunter.


Step-3 : First, you have to open Termux, After that you have to login to the root of Kali Nethunter.

 nh -r



Step-4 : Now you have to install Burpsuite on your kali nethunter machine, to do this copy and paste this commnad into your termux.

 apt-get install burpsuite


Step-5 : After installing Burpsuite you will need the animated mode to use it, as this is starting VNC Server in Kali Nethunter,

 nh kex &


Step-6 : After opening Kali in VNC, you should click on the Application tab, here you will find the Web Application Analysis section where your burpsuite application is located,


Launching BurpSuite Community Edition :

To start Gpredict click on Applications> Search> Burpsuite which will open a large window. a From the outset Burpsuite has been Open.

At this point, you can use the BurpSuite community on your device. Just go to your System Application Finder and when typing its name, BurpSuite should find your application listed there:


Conclusion :

this post is a summary of how to install and use burpsuite on Android Mobile and ARM devices. other than that i told you inside this post what BurpSuite is, why you use Burpsuite and what features you find within Burpsuite

If you are browsing a web application, checking for its security or you are about to get a bug, you can perform a login test using Burpsuite once.

so how did this post please tell me about the comment below so i hope you like this post i will see you next time thank you.


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