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How to Install BurpSuite Professional (Pro) Latest Version for Free

Install Burp Suite Pro on Linux & Windows & Termux [v2022.2]

Burp Suite Pro / Burp Suite Professional is one of the most popular entry and risk detection tools, and is often used to test web application security. “Burp,” as it is commonly known, is a proxy-based tool used to test the security of web-based applications and to perform manual tests. With over 40,000 users, Burp Suite is the world’s most widely used web-based scanner. It has a strong and modular framework, and is full of extensions of your choice that can enhance the effectiveness of web application testing.

If you have recently purchased your Burp Suite Professional license and are wondering what are the next steps in your web application testing journey, we will give you tips on this blog. We will include how to activate Burp, basic functionality and navigation, potential pitfalls, and how to install plugins through the Burp Suite app store, BApp.


Pro Features

Automate and save time :
Smart automation works with concert and hand-crafted hand tools, to save time. Organize your work flow, and do most of what you do best.

Increase scanning :
Burp Scanner is designed to test the features of a modern web. Scan JavaScript, check APIs, and record complex authentication sequences.

Minimize false positives :
Outstanding bandwidth application testing (OAST) can detect many unforeseen risks. Burp Suite Professional makes it easy.

Identifying risks that others may not :
Push the limits of web security testing – by being the first to benefit from a PortSwigger Research project. The usual release keeps you before the curve.

Be very productive when checking :
Benefit from a toolkit designed and used by expert inspectors. Production features such as project files – and a powerful search function – improve efficiency and reliability.

Share what they need :
It simplifies the writing and editing process, and generates reports that end users will want to use. A good security test is not limited to availability.

Customize your tools kit to suit your needs :
Access a wealth of tips, as well as hundreds of pre-listed BApp extensions, as a member of Burp Suite Professional’s global user community.

Create your own performance :
The powerful API gives you access to the essential functionality of the Burp Suite Professional. Use it to create your own extensions – and integrate existing tools.

Customize the way you work :
Whether you would like to work in dark mode or want to use custom scanning settings, we cover. Burp Suite Professional is customized.





 Linux / Windows / Termux


So friends, this Burp Suite Professional Pro will only support kali linux and other linux OS. Cannot work in Windows. Then

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Now follow these steps: –

1. First we need to DownIoad the Burp Suite Pro Version, then in this Click Here or you can downIoad and DownIoadBurpSuite Professional Free .

DownIoad Fast Server  DownIoad Google Drive

2. After DownIoad File that extract (unzip) BurpSuite Professional zip file. ( Password :  )


Termux User Install Linux Your Termux App & Follow all Linux Step


3. Linux : Open Terminal And Install requirement Java package without Java this this tool not working. Requirement Java JDK 13.0.2 ( Java Version 9+ requirement ) this command not working open Google and search how to install Java JDK 13 your OS

apt install -y default-jdk
apt install openjdk-13-jdk
java -version


   Windows : Install Java JDK Windows. Click Batton and Reed article how to install Windows ( Java Version 9+ requirement )

Java fon Windows

Also Read : How to Install Java on Windows Step by Step Guide



4. Linux : Using cd DownIoad/burpsuite_professional_2022 Command Terminal and Open This Burp Suite Pro files same directory, then run: ( open burp )

java -javaagent:BurpSuiteLoader_v2022.2.4.jar -noverify -jar burpsuite_pro_v2022.2.4.jar


   Windows : Open Burp Suite Pro files and same directory, Open your Windows CMD then run: ( open burp )

java -javaagent:BurpSuiteLoader_v2022.2.4.jar -noverify -jar burpsuite_pro_v2022.2.4.jar


java -jar --add-opens=java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.desktop/javax.swing=ALL-UNNAMED burpsuite_pro_v2022.2.4.jar

5. accept the license in the window that opens. The first file to create a license key. we get free burp suite pro licenses.


6. After the license entry window appears, launch Loader.jar file . If you have problems with activate license, you should use to reactivate old burploader (for older versions like 2.1.07). Run:

java -jar Loader.jar

Copy license request from Loaded burpsuite_pro_v2022.2.4.jar to burploader-old, copy license response and paste to BurpSuite, press next. Done.

7. Copy the text from the License field and paste it as a key in Burp. Then paste the license code into the blank box and click the Next button.


8. Next, select Manual activation. and you will see an image like the one below

9. Copyroom text: Copy request. Now copy all the text in the second (2nd) box by clicking the Copy application.


10. And paste it into the Loader in the Activation Request field : Then go to ‘loader.jar’ & paste the text in the second empty box. Then copy the code to the last box.

11. Now we take the response from the Activation Response field and paste it into Burp: Paste response. Now go to ‘Burp suite Pro’ and paste the code in 3rd empty box by clicking Paste respons and then click the next button.


12. After choosing Next, we get a license …


Then you will see the success message, then click finish.

So friends, we have completed the process of using Burp suite pro. Now enjoy !!



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