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MHDDoS Best DDoS Attack Tool In Linux

Best DDoS Attack Script Python3, (Cyber / DDos) Attack With 53 Methods

What is DDoS Attack

Distributed Network Attack is often referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This type of attack uses certain power restrictions that apply to any network resources – such as the infrastructure that makes a company website work. The DDoS attack will send multiple applications to the attacked web resource – with the intent of overriding the website’s ability to handle multiple requests… and prevent the website from functioning properly.

How DDoS attacks work

Network services – such as web servers – are limited in the number of applications that can be used simultaneously. In addition to the server capacity limit, the channel that connects the server to the Internet will also have a limited bandwidth / capacity. Whenever the number of applications exceeds the capacity limit of any part of the infrastructure, the service level may suffer in one of the following ways:

Note: These methods require deceptive servers!

Signal magnification attacks are a method that allows attackers to increase the amount of malicious traffic they can create and hide sources of attack traffic. This type of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack exceeds the target, causing disruption or termination of programs and services.

Requirements :

Features And Methods :

  • 💣 Layer7

    • get GET | GET Flood
    • post POST | POST Flood
    • ovh OVH | Bypass OVH
    • ovh RHEX | Random HEX
    • ovh STOMP | Bypass chk_captcha
    • stress STRESS | Send HTTP Packet With High Byte
    • dyn DYN | A New Method With Random SubDomain
    • downloader DOWNLOADER | A New Method of Reading data slowly
    • slow SLOW | Slowloris Old Method of DDoS
    • head HEAD |
    • null NULL | Null UserAgent and …
    • cookie COOKIE | Random Cookie PHP ‘if (isset($_COOKIE))’
    • pps PPS | Only ‘GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n’
    • even EVEN | GET Method with more header
    • googleshield GSB | Google Project Shield Bypass
    • DDoSGuard DGB | DDoS Guard Bypass
    • ArvanCloud AVB | Arvan Cloud Bypass
    • Google bot BOT | Like Google bot
    • Apache Webserver APACHE | Apache Expliot
    • wordpress expliot XMLRPC | WP XMLRPC expliot (add /xmlrpc.php)
    • CloudFlare CFB | CloudFlare Bypass
    • CloudFlare UnderAttack Mode CFBUAM | CloudFlare Under Attack Mode Bypass
    • bypass BYPASS | Bypass Normal AntiDDoS
    • bypass BOMB | Bypass with codesenberg/bombardier
    • 🔪 KILLER | run many threads to kill a target
  • 🧨 Layer4:

    • tcp TCP | TCP Flood Bypass
    • udp UDP | UDP Flood Bypass
    • syn SYN | SYN Flood
    • cps CPS | Open and close connections with proxy
    • cps CONNECTION | Open connection alive with proxy
    • vse VSE | Send Valve Source Engine Protocol
    • teamspeak 3 TS3 | Send Teamspeak 3 Status Ping Protocol
    • fivem FIVEM | Send Fivem Status Ping Protocol
    • mem MEM | Memcached Amplification
    • ntp NTP | NTP Amplification
    • mcbot MCBOT | Minecraft Bot Attack
    • minecraft MINECRAFT | Minecraft Status Ping Protocol
    • minecraft pe MCPE | Minecraft PE Status Ping Protocol
    • dns DNS | DNS Amplification
    • chargen CHAR | Chargen Amplification
    • cldap CLDAP | Cldap Amplification
    • ard ARD | Apple Remote Desktop Amplification
    • rdp RDP | Remote Desktop Protocol Amplification
  • ⚙️ Tools – Run With python3 tools

    • 🌟 CFIP | Find Real IP Address Of Websites Powered By Cloudflare
    • 🔪 DNS | Show DNS Records Of Sites
    • 📍 TSSRV | TeamSpeak SRV Resolver
    • ⚠ PING | PING Servers
    • 📌 CHECK | Check If Websites Status
    • 😎 DSTAT | That Shows Bytes Received, bytes Sent and their amount
  • 🎩 Other

    • ❌ STOP | STOP All Attacks
    • 🌠 TOOLS | Console Tools
    • 👑 HELP | Show Usage Script


Proxy Support ! :

Proxy Types

Proxy TypeValue
All Proxy0

Layer4 Methods Working With Proxies


Layer7 Methods Working With Proxies






■□■ ⚠ Warning ⚠ ■□■

Please Don’t Attack websites without the owners consent.

Step 1: Download Requirement basic package

Install the DVWA Tool tool. This step is really important if you do not want to make mistakes while using the tool. This will add git, php, mysql to the termux that will be used while using the DVWA tool.

apt install python
apt install python3 && apt install python3-pip -y
apt install git -y

Step 2: Download MHDDos Attack Tool :

Now everything depends on your Terminal and we can now install MHDDoS tool using Python3 any Terminal using the command given below. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below

git clone 

And Windows User Download This Zip

Download DDos

Step 2: Open Tool Folders :

Now your open directory to MHDDOS tool, If you do not know the basics of Terminal then it is highly recommended. Following the Commands.



Step 3: Install Tool Requirement package :

Install Requirement basic packag using pip3

Automatic installation :

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Manual installation :


python3 -m pip install cfscrape<=2.1.1 
python3 -m pip install certifi<=2021.10.8
python3 -m pip install dnspython>=2.2.0
python3 -m pip install requests==2.27.1
python3 -m pip install impacket==0.9.23
python3 -m pip install psutil>=5.9.0
python3 -m pip install icmplib>=2.1.1
python3 -m pip install git+
python3 -m pip install yarl~=1.7.2


Step 3: Run Scripts 

That’s all and now we can use this tool very well without any problems. Let’s start by looking at all the advantages of this tool by using its individual features.




Usage of script


python3 ovh 1 10000 socks5.txt 100 100


Get Attack Sever Test


 ⚠ Warning ⚠ :

This tool is only for educational purpose. If you use this tool for other purposes except education we will not be responsible in such cases.

This information is only for educationla purpose and we are not responsible for any kind of illegal activity done by this tool. Please Don’t Attack websites without the owners consent.


Parameters :

  • Layer7:
    python3 <1=method> <2=url> <3=socks_type> <4=threads> <5=proxylist> <6=rpc> <7=duration> <8=debug=optional>
    • 1: Method (type of attack)
    • 2: Target URL or IP Address
    • 3: Proxy Version (Proxy Usage)
    • 5: Proxy File (Proxy File Format)
    • 4: Number of threads to use (Multi Threading)
    • 5: RPC (Requests pre connection)
    • 6: Duration (Time to finish attack in seconds)
    • 7: Debug Mode (Optional)
  • Layer4 Noraml:
    python3 <1=method> <2=ip:port> <3=threads> <4=duration> <5=debug=optional>
    • 1: Method (type of attack)
    • 2: Target URL or IP Address
    • 3: Number of threads to use (Multi Threading)
    • 4: Duration (Time to finish attack in seconds)
    • 5: Debug Mode (Optional – What is debug mode)
  • Layer4 Proxied:
    python3 <1=method> <2=ip:port> <3=threads> <4=duration> <5=socks_type> <6=proxylist> <7=debug=optional>
    • 1: Method (type of attack)
    • 2: Target URL or IP Address
    • 3: Number of threads to use (Multi Threading)
    • 4: Duration (Time to finish attack in seconds)
    • 5: Proxy Version (Proxy Usage)
    • 6: Proxy File (Proxy File Format)
    • 7: Debug Mode (Optional)
  • Layer4 Amplification:
    python3 MHDDoS/ <1=method> <2=ip:port> <3=threads> <4=duration> <5=refelector file> <6=debug=optional>
    • 1: Method (type of attack)
    • 2: Target URL or IP Address
    • 3: Number of threads to use (Multi Threading)
    • 4: Duration (Time to finish attack in seconds)
    • 5: Reflectors File (Reflectors File)
    • 6: Debug Mode (Optional)

Examples :

  • Layer7 (Website):

# Running bypass attack from 101 threads,
# with socks 5, 100 requests per proxy (connection), for 3600 seconds

python3 bypass 5 101 socks5.txt 100 3600

# Running bomb attack from 50 threads (be careful must be < 300)
# with all proxies (0), 100 requests per proxy (connection), for 3600 seconds

python3 bomb 0 50 proxy.txt 100 3600

  • Layer4 (Server/Home):

# Running udp attack from 1 threads, for 3600 seconds

python3 udp 1 3600

# Running dns attack from 100 threads, for 3600 seconds
# with reflector servers from dns.txt, for 3600 seconds

python3 dns 100 3600 dns.txt

# Running minecraft attack from 1000 threads
# with socks 5, for 3600 seconds

python3 minecraft 1000 3600 5 socks5.txt
  • Debug Mode (Log Attack status):
python3 bypass 5 1000 socks5.txt 100 100


python3 udp 1 100


python3 dns 1 100 dns.txt


python3 minecraft 1 100 5 socks5.txt


Issues ?


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