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How To Create Private Chat Room On Mobile And Computer

Create a Private Chat Room – You are currently using Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook or other messaging apps to chat or connect with your friends or family. When you share certain secrets with your friends or family members then they may be hacked or hacked by a hacker or a third party. Sometimes you share such things with someone you do not want someone else to find. If you want to keep those things secret every time, then you can use a different approach.

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Just as a criminal erases his testimony, so you can keep your identity secret. Today we will tell you how to build your own private chat room. You can talk privately with your friends or with your group. No one can steal your privacy from this, and there will be no record of you. So read this article and follow the procedure.

Create Private Chat Room session:

If you want to create a chat session, just look at the section (ENTER A CHAT ROOM) on the home page. Then provide the name of your chat room, then choose a password or username that will be used to share the same chat location using other members. If you want to enable anyone to join, you want to provide them using the exact chat room name, and the password you have chosen. The username – which serves as the identity of each member – will be very different for each chat member. After providing the required information, tap the Secure Chat button to enter the main chat area.

What Private Chat Room else?

ChatCrypt also opens a user-created chat room in a separate window. As it looks clear and simple. It also contains an input field under which to enter your chat messages. The right side of the UI holds a list of participants in the chat room. But the messages sent come from a larger category. Unfortunately, ChatCrypt does not have the voice chat feature or the file sharing feature but looks at the app type. No, there is not much you can complain about, as it works exactly as advertised.

To sum it up, ChatCrypt provides users with the safest way to have private online conversations that no one can hold. Also, you start using the free app after visiting the link provided below.

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How To Create a Private Chat Room On Mobile And Computer?


Step 1 :  You do not need to install any applications or software on your device. You can do it through online websites. Now simply open the Chatcrypt website. Here You can chat with your friends or Team anonymously. Link :

Private Chat Room

Step 2 : On this website, you do not need to be verified, so now just create a username and type your group name and you need to set a group password. Then click on the create/join group.


Step 3 : You can now see the message dashboard in the active window. Now you need to join others and copy the URL of the active page and send it to your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, or other social networking sites.

Step 4 : When they join to join the group, then they need to fill in the username and group name, and password of the group. You can share the group name and password in your group when you invite them to join.

Step 5 : Here you can have unlimited conversations and share your privacy, your data will never be saved in the database. There is no limit to joining group members. When you leave the group then it will quickly and automatically destroy all old conversations.



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Conclusion – So here’s a better way to keep your conversations private. You can create your own script chat server but here’s an easy and quick way to chat privately. I hope you enjoy the article on how to create a private chat room. If you find this article useful for you then share it with your team. Comment on your experience with these online chat services.


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