PUBG & BGMI Mobile Account Hack Phishing tool with Termux

Hack PUBG & BGMI Mobile Account - Latest Method

In this article I will teach you how to break PUBG & BGMI mobile ID with termux and If you have this tool you can hack any PUBG & BGMI personal account with a criminal attack to steal sensitive information.

Many of you guys are commenting on How to Hack PUBG & BGMI Accounts with Termux, This post is for you because in this shooting guide I will show you how to use a simple tool to create PUBG Crime Theft Pages sensitive information in less than 1 minute. Make sure you follow the steps correctly and read the full blog because I will give you tips in between so you can use the right termux.

PUBG BGMI Phishing your termux. This is a very simple criminal tool for stealing sensitive information that Ngrok uses for hole transmission. The great thing about this tool is, It will give you a Hidden Link that will automatically look like the first PUBG and BGMI link.

The tool we used to hack PUBG and BGMI accounts is a criminal tool for stealing sensitive information. As we know about the crime of stealing sensitive information it is used to rob someone by creating a visible link to the scam.
As soon as your victim enters your personal information by clicking on the link provided by you, all of that information comes to you.
Many tools are available on GitHub for hacking a PUBG & BGMI mobile account, but I use the “Online Hacking” tool. This tool is made by SUMAN. This tool is professionally tested in termux. And there are many additional features in this tool.

PUBG BGMI Phishing – OnlineHacking

PUBG and BGMI ID Hack Use Termux


This Tool is only educational purpose and we are not responsible for kind of illegal activity done by this tool



PUBG_BGMI-Phishing IS A PHISING TOOL WICH IS USED TO PHISH A PUBG ACCOUNT OF YOUR VICTIM. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.


  • Termux App
  • Kali Linux
  • Parrot OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Windeos
  • Arch Linux
  • MAC :


  • Termux App
  • Kali Linux
  • Parrot OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Windeos


  1. Fast internet
  2. php
  3. ngrok token
  4. apache2


  • [+] Real hacking of Account !
  • [+] Updated maintainence !
  • [+] Custom link !
  • [+] Easy for Beginners !

How PUBG BGMI Phishing tool works ?

  • [1] Create a link using the PUBG BGMI Phishing tool.
  • [2] Send the link generated by the tool to the victim.
  • [3] When the victim clicks on the link they will see the PUBG BGMI offer page
    where they will enter the username and password of the offer offer you
    will find that Login Details in termux & Terminal.




Installation – Termux , Linux

Installation & Setup Install Ubuntu on Android

Open Termux App , Linux & Run all command step_by_step

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Step 1:- Update and Upgrade Termux, Linux improve the term Avoid mistakes while installing PUBG BGMI Phishingl Identity Theft by stealing sensitive information.

apt update && apt upgrade -y


Step 2:- Install the PUBG BGMI Phishing tool. This step is really important if you do not want to make mistakes errors while running the tool.

apt install git wget 

This will add the git, wget to the termux that will be used while using the PUBG BGMI Crime Information tool. Once you have this you can remove the name from the command while installing.


Step 3:- Now all the dependencies are installed in your termux and we can now install the PUBG BGMI Phishing tool using the termux using the command given below. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

git clone


Step 4:- Now your open directory to the PUBG BGMI Phishing tool, If you do not know the basics of termux, Linux then it is highly recommended. Use the command Make Permission All file. Following the Commands.

cd PUBG-BGMI_Phishing

chmod +x *


Step 5:- Type the command below to and Setup PUBG BGMI Phishing tool your Termux app, Linux and download Requiement Package & Requiement file.

⭕️ Termux User :

bash Android-Setup

⭕️ Linux User :

bash Linux-Setup


Complete Full Setup and Installation Using Step _by_Step

Admin Activation Key Requirements. Visit This Shot Link and Generator Your Kay. Copy kay and Enter Terminal / Termux to Installation Start

Generator Key


Link :

Automatic Download Link Services File ( Ngrok, Cloudflared ) and Download Tool PUBG BGMI Phishing Page File & Setup

Want to give the Ngrok link – add ngrok token ( Now go to and create an account where .Now you need to set the author token in ngrock to setup . just go to the ngrok account and here you will see the auth token just copy it and paste it into the termux and hit log in it will successfully configure. )

Run Tool



Step_5 :- Every Time Run this PUBG BGMI Phishing tool – Open termux App and Run this Command.




Step_6 :- This Tool is only educational purpose and we are not responsible for kind of illegal activity done by this tool . Accepted This Notice – Type Y

Once you have applied the above command to your terminal you can now see this below for three options. Next You Want to Choose Phishing Option. Type Phishing Page Number

Open the Your Mobile Data And Hotspot That All link Comaing Working

Chack Create a link using Phishing tool and Copy Full Link Send the link you victim. Choose what you want and choose the second option Phishing Page is what you will now find one link to share. copy and send to the victim when the victim clicks and type any data means you will find that data in your terminal.

Link not received to Manually start link service. open new tab and type this comment

Cloudflared Link : ./cloudflared-linux-arm64 http 4444

Ngrok Link : ./ngrok http 4444

When the victim clicks on the link they will see the PUBG BGMI offer page where they will enter the username and password of the offer offer you will find that Login Details in termux & Terminal.


Installation – All Systems (Cloud)


Google Cloud Shell is Debian-based online bash shell. [1] [2] [3] The free tier (integrated with all Gmail accounts) includes 1.7 gigabytes of random access memory and a 5 gigaby home directory. Aside from home and root scripts, Cloud Shell’s environment is dynamic


Click and Open Google Cloud Shell and Follow Linux Step

⚠ Warning :

This tool is for educational purposes only. If you use this tool for purposes other than education we will not be liable in such circumstances.

This information is intended only for educationla and we are not responsible for any illegal activity performed by this tool


PUBG BGMI Crime Theft Tool is a great tool when it comes to Hacking PUBG & BGMI ID Hack with termux. This tool is easy to use and performs the simple task of providing a Facebook PUBG sensitive identity theft page, the BGMI Page. This is a new tool but it can be deadly if someone is robbed so spread the word about this tool so that people are aware of it too. Direct robbery is about saving as many people as possible from Black Cloaks, so if possible use all the tools to spread Love and Peace ☮. I have explained everything in detail about this order but if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys and as usual Stay Ethical.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. I’m currently working on Cyber Ethical Hacking. I’m currently learning more about Hacking, Web Design, Android ROM, Mod Hacking App
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