Rafel Rat – Android Tool With Discord and WebPanel Control Phone

Rafel Rat - Android Rat Written in Java With WebPanel For Controlling Victims - Rafel Rat Tutorial

Rafel Rat – Hello guy in this article we will discuss the Rafel-rat tool for hacking android phones. this tool will get full access to victims’ phones in web view.

Rafel is a remote access tool used to control victims using a WebPanel with more advanced features. and you can control victims’ file managers and social media accounts.

What is a RAT

A remote trojan (RAT) is a malicious computer program that includes a backdoor on the target computer. RATs are usually invisibly downloaded through a user-requested program – such as a game – or sent as an email attachment. If the host system is compromised, the hacker can use it to distribute the RAT to other compromised computers and create a botnet. Because a RAT allows administrative control, it allows an attacker to do anything on the target computer, including. The Back Orifice rootkit is one of the most popular examples of RATs. A group of hackers known as the Cult of the Dead Cow created Back Orifice to expose security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows applications.


What is Rafel Rat

Rafel Rat – New Android Hacking Tool_Check victim phone fully…we will discuss how to hack an android phone with the new rat tool. RAFEL Rat Android Rat is written in Java with WebPanel to control victims…Hacking Android devices

Admin Privilege. Android Rat written in Java with WebPanel for victim control Rafel Rat is a remote access tool used to control victims’ mobile phones. Rafel Rat is a remote access tool used to control victims using WebPanel with more advanced features.

Rafel Rat is a remote access tool used to control victims using a WebPanel with more advanced features. Main features. Rafel Rat – Android Rat wrote in Java with a web panel to control victims. Raphael RAT

Rafel RAT Android RAT is part of the Android Remote Access Tool. Rafel is another remote administration tool for the operative system. Android Rat wrote in Java with WebPanel to control victims…Hack Android Rufel Rat

It is very easy to list any phone information with RafelRat with just one click. This app is a combination of the Android Hacking Tool

Rafel_Rat New Android Hacking Tool_Check victim phone fully…we will discuss how to hack an android phone with the new rat tool. RAF Rat program has little effect on general redox status, even in laboratory rats, which are more sensitive to Rafel RAT Android Hacking Rat Easy to use the software.

Java Remote Administration Tool (RAFELRAT) to get … PowerShell Standard In. Tags: Android RafelRAt Android Rat Android Studio ApkEasyTool Rafel Rat. Android Rat written in Java with WebPanel to control victims Rafel is a remote access tool used to control victims using WebPanel. A quantitative study of the influence of tissue microstructure on contraction in a computational model of the rat left ventricle


Features :

  • Discord Server Notification Send
  • Admin Permission
  • Add App To White List (Ignore Battery Optimisation)
  • Looks Like Legit Mod App
  • Runs In Background Even App is Closed (May not work on some Devices)
  • Accessibility Feature (Cause Errors in some devices –> ignore it)
  • Support Android v5 – v11
  • No Port Forwarding Needed
  • Acquire Wakelock
  • Fully Undetectable
  • Bypass PlayProtect
  • WipeSdcard
  • Lock Device Screen
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Ransomware
  • Vibrate Device
  • Delete Calls Logs
  • Notify Victims Via Discord
  • steal notifications(send through discord)
  • Added AutoStart For (poco,xiaomi,oppo,vivo,LetV,Honor)
  • More…


Requirements :

Apk Editor Pro+ Download

NOTE: This tool is for educational purposes only. If you use this tool for purposes other than education, we will not be responsible in such cases

Video :

Video Link:-


Web Panel Setup 


Step 1: Sign up

First, you’ll want to set up your account, so head over to and scroll down until you see a list of plans.

You need to click on the button that says “free registration” under the free web hosting plan. Once you are on the registration page, you should see a screen like this:

You can free sign up with your email address or log in with Facebook or Gmail. For now, I’ll just use my email address. You will be asked to confirm your email address before completing the registration process.

Go ahead and do it by clicking the button in the email sent to your inbox and you’re done with the registration process.


Step 2: Set up your website

After you confirm your email address, you’ll be redirected to a “get started” page like this:

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the given options. For now, I’ll choose the “other” option.

You will now be asked to name your project so that you can easily identify it if you create more websites in the future.

Go ahead and do that, and also add your own password if you don’t want an auto-generated password.

Once you’ve done that, hit the “Submit” button and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Click the Upload your site option.

Open the public_html folder. You are now on the page where all your data (file) is stored. Click the “upload file” icon. Select the files from your computer and upload them to the desired path.


Download Rat File

Now you need to download this file from here and upload it to This Web Hosting. and extract the Zip file. Move Server_Panel all file home folder

How to extract the Zip file Upload unzip.php and Right click and click the view button. and enter the zip file name or click unzip the file

Download unzip.php

Open this Folder Server_Panel > public And Select commands.php File and Right click and click the view button. Copy full URL (Link)

This URL Requirements App build time


Discord Server Setup

The first step is to make a telegram bot. From there you will get the details of the victim’s mobile. The first step is to make your bot.

Register Discord

Step_1: Launch the Discord app for desktop or smartphone/tablet and log in to your Discord account using your credentials. Create a new Discord account

Step_2: Now a window will open. You can join a server or create your own. Click “Create My Own“.

Step_3: First determine whether the server should be Click For me and my friends or. You can also skip this question.

Step_4: Next, a menu will open to create your own Discord server. Here you can choose your server name. After entering the name, click “Create“.

Step_5: Any Now a window will open click “Skip”. Your new Discord server is now ready to use.

Step_6: Click # general Setting Icon (Edit Channel)

Step_7: Click The Integrations Button and Click Create Webhook Button.

Click Copy Webhook URL Button and Save This URL (This URL Requirements App build time)


Setup Android RAT 

Then I will download one of your Android apps, edit the Android apps and make your RAT.

1 – Download the BlackMart.apk app

Download Apk File

2. Then you will open the APK editor we have given you and select it from the apps and click on full edit. Decompiler recommend above

After the app is decomposed, the Excel files will open and this location will remain.

Click Top Right Smali Button (Click this button to Loading all files)


Connect WebPanel:- Now open this directorysmali_classes2/com/velociraptor/raptorFolder.

Fast, Scroll down, and Open InternalService.smali the file. Edit from line number 0033 and replace the configuration with your full commands.php URL (000webhost URL). Replace this with your const-string v0 panel URL, “https://your-webpanel-url/public/commands.php” and save the file.


Connect Discord:- Now open NotificationListener.smali and Edit from line number 28 and replace it with your Discord Webhook URL  and save the file.

Change Web View:- and open MainActivity.smali and Edit from line number 935 and replace it with your Any Web URL  and save the file.  (example:


Change App Name:- Now open this directory File res/values/strings.xml .and Edit from line number 32 and replace and change app name.  and save the file


Change App Logo:- Open this directory and replace and change the app logo Image very carefully. 



After all, adding Click Save Button & Click on Build and wait 3/4 second. Now build the apk and install it on any phone

Then you have to send this application to your victim.




Run WebPanel

Now open login.php your 000webhost link “https://your-webpanel-url/public/login.php

Enter Username:- Hande Password:- Ercel

Note: Make sure your WebHost uses Https and should have a valid connection…I recommend

You can now use the panel to send commands as well as refresh after it



Discord Notification Bot

The notifications that will come to the victim’s device will be received by you on the Discord server.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. I’m currently working on Cyber Ethical Hacking. I’m currently learning more about Hacking, Web Design, Android ROM, Mod Hacking App
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