Trace Phone Numbers With PhoneInfoga in Termux & Linux

Install PhoneInfoga in Termux & Linux

PhoneInfoga is one of the most advanced trace phone numbers & mobile number tracker tools for scanning international phone numbers. Allows you to start collecting general information such as country, location, network, and line type on any international phone number, and then search for footprints in search engines to try to find a VoIP provider or identify the owner.

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How does PhoneInfoga work?

Phoneinfoga searches for and evaluates open source information such as Numverify, Google search, OVH, etc. to collect general phone numbers and printing information. This tool works best on a dorks-based approach, asking google for different types of google dork parameters, and providing results. – whois phone number

Available scanners :

  1. Numverify
  2. Google search
  3. OVH

Features :

  • Check that the phone number is available and has a connection status by checking the HLR
  • Collect general information such as country, line type and network company
  • OSINT footprinting uses external APIs, Google Hacking, phone books and search engines
  • Check status reports, social media, dump numbers and more
  • Use the graphical user interface to initiate scanning from the browser
  • Fixed use with REST API and Go modules

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Anti-features :

  • It does not mean that it provides accurate or verified data, it is just a tool!
  • does not allow you to “track” the phone or its owner in real-time
  • It does not allow you to find the correct phone location
  • does not allow you to steal the phone


Install Video


Install PhoneInfoga Linux & Termux

How to Install PhoneInfoga Termux & Linux :


🛑 Admin Note: If you ask me, I will say installing the old version will work well

Latest Version Install


Step 1:- First Open the Termux app & Linux Terminal and update and upgrade your termux & Terminal. To avoid errors while installing the PhoneInfoga tool.

apt update && apt upgrade -y 


Step 2:- This step is especially important if you do not want to make mistakes while using the tool. This will add git, wget & Python to the termux used while using the PhoneInfoga Trace Phone Numbers Tool.

apt install git wget -y 
apt install python python3


Step 3:- Now download the latest version of phoneinfoga you can find here, just copy one URL of its release and get it by doing the following command. wget {Url that you copied}

Download Phoneinfoga Latest Version

Termux App : phoneinfoga_Linux_arm64.tar.gz

Linux OS : phoneinfoga_Linux_i386.tar.gz

🔻 Termux App User Run This Command 👇 :



🔻 Linux os User Run This Command  👇 :
[Note: – If you have arm64 or aarch64 download arm64 file otherwise arv6 file] Now extract the file


Step 4:- Now extract the file. Use the terminal & Termux instructions to install the Phoneinfoga tool. There is no other installation required to use the framework. – tar xvf {downloaded file}

🔻 Termux App Command  👇 :
tar xvf phoneinfoga_Linux_arm64.tar.gz



🔻 Linux os Command  👇 :
tar xvf phoneinfoga_Linux_i386.tar.gz


Step 5:- Here is the help command information from the Phoneinfoga tool. The scan help command displays all available information related to the scan.

./phoneinfoga --help


Step 6:- To use the PhoneInfoga tool in the terminal, you just need to scan the command to get information on a specific phone number or mobile number. Use -n flag by number.

Scanning for a phone number :

./phoneinfoga scan -n <phonenumber>

./phoneinfoga scan -n "+1 804-406-4234"


Step 7:- The current version of Phoneinfoga is equipped with the ability to scan phone numbers using a web interface. This functionality uses the REST-API method. The web interface can be started using the service command. The Provider Help Command displays all available GUI-based web client scanning information. ( mobile number tracker – whois phone number )

./phoneinfoga serve


Phoneinfoga also has GUI, which you can use. Now open your browser and go to After shooting the server command with the port number, use your local IP and port number in the web browser to open the Phoneinfoga web interface.



To collect mobile phone details visit this link and type in your target phone number here
as a web-based api this works well with the tool so you can use both termux and the website as well.

visit this website:

Demo PhoneInfoga


Old Version Install


Step-1: First Open the Termux app & Linux Terminal and update and upgrade your termux & Terminal. To avoid errors while installing the PhoneInfoga tool. To use the Python-based PhoneInfoga tool, download or combine the form here.

apt update && apt upgrade -y 


Step 2: Now everything depends on your termux and we can now install the PhoneInfoga tool. on termux & Linux using the command given below. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

git clone


Step-3: Now Transform your Open Directory into PhoneInfoga Criminal Identity Theft, If you do not know the basic Linux of termux then it is highly recommended. and Run the pip requirements.txt file

cd PhoneInfoga/

pip install -r requirements.txt



Step-4: In order to use the PhoneInfoga Tool for Termux & Terminal, you just need to scan the command for information on a specific phone number or mobile number. Use -n flag by number. mobile number tracker

Scanning for a phone number :

python3 -n <phonenumber>

python3 -n "+1 804-406-4234"


⭕️ Bonus Tips : 


How to Find Details of Unknown Numbers Victim name, address, photo, number details

TrueCaller actually relies on a large community of mobile users. They are undoubtedly the largest communities. You can consider it a great phone directory.

When you install the TrueCaller app on your mobile device, the app will take the contact details from your phonebook and integrate the information into the worldwide service hosted by the service. In the same way, the app collects information from millions of users. As a result, the database becomes really fat. mobile number tracker – whois phone number ( whois phone number )

Therefore, TrueCaller works online “if your phone book does not have a number — someone else’s phone can have it!”

Isn’t it a simple idea… the power of unity ?!

This database of mobile numbers is freely searchable by anyone through the TrueCaller app or through the TrueCaller website.

  1. Go to the TrueCaller website
  2. Now you would need to sign in. The website will give you the following options to do login
  3. Enter the phone number for which you want to find the caller’s details. The website will automatically detect your country and country code. If by chance, the code is wrong, you can select the country code from the drop-down list.
  4. Click on the Search button.
  5. TrueCaller will wade through the database and show you all the details that it will find for the given phone number. For example, see the following image:



Phoneinfoga can help you get information on temporary phone numbers. Foot information is a useful feature found in the tool. This tool is not complete proof of a person’s phone number, a personal verification process is required for you to visit and check every link collected by this tool.


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